Problem with Support Package SAP_BASIS (Error Stop) IMPORT_PROPER


Hi Everyone,
i want to apply Support Pack for SAP_BASIS. Now Its Level is 0009 (ECC 6.0).
i did import the SPs SAPKB70010 and SAPKB70011. We only want until Stack 11.
The test scenario was without an error. But during the Standard scenario there occurred a problem:
SPAM Status: Error Stop
I guess there are different reasons:
1) We didn´t make a SPAM update before! it´s still version 7.00/0021.
2) I have no idea if the guy before me made a kernel update.
And now i wanted to update SPAM to version 27. but first i should "repair" this problem because the SAP_BASIS is still in the queue.
Is there a possibility to delete the queue, update SPAM and the Kernel and then try it again with this support package?
We cannot go further than Stack 11!
please help me!


This is not because of SPAM version nor the upgrade of kernal.If that was a SPAM problem then it will
not allow you to define the queue.
There are some know problems with this basis patches please read the note .Just run the import again this error would not occur.
If this error occurs  then post the import logs for further analysis.

November 30, -0001

Problem with Support Package SAP_BASIS (Error Stop) IMPORT_PROPER

Hi Everyone, i want to apply Support Pack for SAP_BASIS. Now Its Level is 0009 (ECC 6.0). i did import the SPs SAPKB70010 and SAPKB70011. We only want until Stack 11. The test scenario was without an error. But during the Standard scenario there occu

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