Problem with Run_Product.. FRM-41211  Oracle reports team pls respond


I am calling run_product built in my form 3 times on when button pressed trigger I am getting error
FRM-41211 Integration Error: SSL Failure running another product..
how to solve this problem..
In help it is given check with Run_Product ... but no errors are exist in run_product...
pls help me.. its very urgent..


Hi every thing is fine problem is
If am running 3 reports consecutive from form builder I am getting frm-41211 error. To solve this I have place message('1') ;pause in-between run_product statements now it is working fine. Could u please find out any solutions for this (not using timers);
Pls pass maild of Oracle reports team usually they answer questions in oracle .com forums.

November 30, -0001

Problem with Run_Product.. FRM-41211  Oracle reports team pls respond

Hi, I am calling run_product built in my form 3 times on when button pressed trigger I am getting error FRM-41211 Integration Error: SSL Failure running another product.. how to solve this problem.. In help it is given check with Run_Product ... but

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