Problem with Export Project as New Library


Getting some behavior from Aperture that I do not understand.
I am running Aperture 3.5.1 on OSX 10.9.1 on both a MacPro and a MacBookPro(Retina). 
Both machines are believed to be completely up-to-date software-wise (no indication in App store that software updates are available.  i don't know how else to look.).
I imported (Nikon D800) raw images from an SD card to MacBookPro Aperture Library (which contains few images), performed adjustments (and "shared" some with my SmugMug account).
Then I selected the Project that contained my images, chose File, Export, Project as New Library (in order to move the adjusted images to my MacPro, where my "real" Aperture Library resides).  (first time i have attempted such a workflow).  I selected all 3 options (Copy originals . . ., Copy previews . . ., Show alert) and clicked Export Library.
I copied the resulting file to my MacPro.  After choosing File, Import, Library (in Aperture on the MacPro), I see it "Merging", and then the project in question appears in the Library on the MacPro.
The problem is that each image has a message at the top of the Adjustments pane:  "This photo was adjusted using an earlier version of Apple's RAW processing", and they all come into the receiving library with no adjustments, and no previews - not even the built-in preview that a raw file should carry (the images show in the viewer as _really_ flat, gray - very strange, i have never seen this appearance before, though I routeinely use raw format).
Trying to troubleshoot, I went back to the MacBookPro and closed Aperture, then double-clicked the Library on the desktop that had resulted from the export process (containing only one project).
Same situation.  All of the images think they were processed on older raw processor (even though this library is being opened on the same computer that did the processing).
Any ideas?  Is this a bug, or have I misunderstood the point of exporting Projects?


There have been two problems, reported, when exporting projects as library:
In earlier versions of Aperture the exported library did not include all images, if images had been imported from Photo Stream. I cannot reproduce this bug any longer with Aperture 3.5.1.
The export could go wrong, if the aperture library needed repairing.
Have you tried the Aperture Library First Aid Tools,to fix a possible library curruption?
See this link:  Aperture 3 User Manual: Repairing and Rebuilding Your Aperture Library
Before trying to rebuild, make sure, your backup of your Aperture library is current and in a working condition.
I see a progress bar and the .exporting library is created in the desired location.
Finally I decided to watch a project closely as it was being exported as a library and I noticed that the file size jumps up an down. I'm not an expert on how export works, but it would appear that each exported photo is overwriting the previous one.
What is the desired location? Are you exporting to your internal system drive or to an external drive? If external, how is the drive formatted?  Such overwriting of files could be caused by incompatible filesystems creating conflicting pathnames. Make sure, the destination is a filesystem formatted MacOS X Extended (Journaled).
-- Léonie

November 30, -0001

Problem with Export Project as New Library

Getting some behavior from Aperture that I do not understand. I am running Aperture 3.5.1 on OSX 10.9.1 on both a MacPro and a MacBookPro(Retina).  Both machines are believed to be completely up-to-date software-wise (no indication in App store that

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