Problem while exporting data to Excel sheet.......


I have written the following code to export data to excel sheet...
       conv_out TYPE REF TO cl_abap_conv_out_ce,
       content TYPE xstring.
data : itab_slsrl type table of znslsrlitm.
data: xml_out TYPE string.
Node_slsrl type ref to If_Wd_Context_Node,
Elem_slsrl type ref to If_Wd_Context_Element,
Stru_slsrl type ref to if_wd_context_element .
call transformation ('ID') source tab = itab_slsrl[] result xml xml_out.
INSTRING = xml_out
OUTXSTRING = content.
conv_out = cl_abap_conv_out_ce=>create( encoding = 'UTF-8' ).
DATA: lv_filename TYPE string.
conv_out->convert( exporting data = xml_out IMPORTING buffer = content ).
i_filename = 'Sales_order_release.xls'
i_content = content
i_mime_type = 'application/msexcel'
i_in_new_window = i_in_new_window
i_inplace = i_inplace ).
But when i am trying to export data to excel sheet i am getting
following error...
"Switch from current encode to specified encoding is not supported"
"<?xml version="1.0" encoding='utf-16"?>"
if i change encoding utf-8 to utf-16 in my code its giving dump..
"The conversion of certain code pages is not supported"
Did i miss any step...?
How to resolve this problem please help me....
Thanks & Regards


Hi Sowmya,
I do had a similar issue, but I avoided that problem temporarily by commenting the following code.
    l_conv_out = cl_abap_conv_out_ce=>create( encoding = 'UTF-8'  ).
attach the first file
l_conv_out->convert( exporting data = l_xml_out IMPORTING buffer = l_content  ).
Once this is done, you can export the data to Excel and open it and see too...But this is a temporary solution only. Implement this solution to get to understand more flaws of this.
Raja Sekhar
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October 11, 2015

Problem while exporting data to Excel sheet.......

Hi I have written the following code to export data to excel sheet... data:        conv_out TYPE REF TO cl_abap_conv_out_ce,        content TYPE xstring. data : itab_slsrl type table of znslsrlitm. data: xml_out TYPE string. Data: Node_slsrl type ref

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