Printting HTML file...


Hi all,
anybody knows that how to print HTML file. i mean the contents which are viewable in browser.
please let me know..
Thanks in advance..


check this out

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Print html file with barcode from abap report

hi i am printing html file from abap program using gui_execute. i am using netscape.exe , its printing first time and when reprint its not working basically html file contains gif file which has fedex barcode. could you please let me know how to prin

Printting HTML file...

Hi all, anybody knows that how to print HTML file. i mean the contents which are viewable in browser. please let me know.. Thanks in advance..check this out other 2 answers

Print html file via share intent

Hello HP I'm a developer, I trying to print html file to HP Printer via share intent. Here is my code: Intent intent = new Intent("org.androidprinting.intent.action.PRINT"); Uri uri = Uri.parse(path); intent.addCategory(Intent.CATEGORY_DEFAULT);

Help needed:Printing HTML file using javax.print

Hi I am using the following code which i got form the forum for rpinting an HTML file. The folllowing code is working fine, but the problem is the content of HTML file is not getting printed. I am geeting a blank page with no content. What is the cha


Hi all : I save a HTML FILE ,, I want to print this file from labview ,, how can I do that thanksHi Mike : Sorry that I am asking so lot ,, but I don,t know how to Change "Print HTML" in the same way and save it with a new name. i am u

Printing HTML files

I have created a HTML file and saved it. Now I want my program to send the file to the printer. Could somebody please send me an idiots guide of how to do this. The more simple, the better! Cheers.

Help me "Printing HTML file"

Hi all, I am trying to print an html file using java. i used the following code          PrintRequestAttributeSet attributes; try { PrintService service = PrintServiceLookup .lookupDefaultPrintService(); InputStream is = new BufferedInputStream(    

Printing a File(.html, .doc ,etc) from LabVIEW

Hi All, I am currently using LabVIEW 6i(PDS). In one of my application I had created (HTML) reports. Now I want to print the report through LabVIEW. If I use the Standard report format than LabVIEW has a vi to print the report. Please guide me how to

How to print a HTML file in browser look using DocPrintJob

Hello guys, Does anyone know how to print HTML output/file into browser look? I'm using DocPrintJob and the DocFlavor set to DocFlavor.INPUT_STREAM.AUTOSENSE. posted below is my code : public class BasicPrint {     public static void main(String[] ar

Print the text into html file

Dear all, How i will print the result directly to the html file instead of print output in the console. Give the sample code. Thanks & Regards, kumarHi kumar :) I'm not sure if this is what you mean but Jakarta has an Element Construction Set (ECS) A

Print HTML thumbs? Possible?

I have a number of CSS .html files that I would love to be able to print thumbnails of, say maybe 6-8 to a page, but I cannot find a way to do it. Does anyone have any thoughts? Please?Choose print on one of them, and select Preview. It will open in

Avoiding split images when printing html

I am writing html pages in dreamweaver and when I print from safari, the images are split between pages. Is there a way around this either in my html coding or in the 'save to pdf' in the printing?Could be bad for your situation, but the only way I h

Printing PDF file Using Shell Command Line

Hello I am writing  a program from MicroSoft Excel's Macro that will print PDF files. I have managed to get the program to work but I cannot prevent the file not being opened. Basically the PDF file would get printed but the file would automatically

How to upload html file document with his.files

i can upload only one file and i can't upload html file with his images or some more pages index.html chapter1.html chapterN.html I see this problem so: upload zip file and extract to os(i use linux) and saved link to his index.html. IS IT POSSIBLE.

How to mail the html file using javamail????

hi i have captured the output of a jsp page in a html file.... now i wish to send it in the mail ( *** not as an attachment) ie i wish the output of the jsp ie the html file to be displayed in the message box (ie text area) ..... and then when reciev

Convert HTML files to fluid grid format

hey i am fan of dreamweaver. and i am wondering about updateing older html files from an older dreamweaver into a new dreamweaver cc application. i saw the video on fluid grid layout. and it looks like thats good for starting out on a new project or

Index.html file locks up Dreamweaver, TextEdit and Word

I've been doing design work (print & web) on the Mac for 20+ years and this problem has me stumped: Yesterday I went to open my tried and true index.html file and it locked up Dreamweaver every time. I re-started the computer, ran Disk Utilities, del

Unable to print HTML pages

After a good bit of reading, I found that printing HTML directly to the printer doesn't work for many printers. I don't want to print the code. I want the actual HTML page. I have some code here that reads the HTML file into a JEditorPane and then is

Acrobat 8.1 Pro .mht And Some .html files Do Not Convert To PDF

Acrobat 8.1 Pro with Windows Vista. .mht files are saved complete webpage single files similar to complete html files except they're as a single file instead of a file and a folder. When using Create From File, Acrobat does not recognize .mht files a

How to upload html file to email

Hi, I have absolutely no html background but was able to come up with a single page layout with graphics, texts and links with the help of online tutorials using Adobe Go Live which I can open the file now in Dreamweaver. My goal is not to come up wi