Printing Crystal Reports from UDO form


Dear Experts,
I want to open a Crystal report from an addon. I've already found [the following thread|] and the [mentioned blog post|], and applied the solutions given there, but setting the parameters still does not work.
The report is opened, but the report gives me the message "Input string was not in a correct format", and asks for the parameter. When I enter the parameter, the report shows correctly.
My form is an UDO form loaded from XML, ObjectType set to my UDO. According to the latest answers, this ObjectType setting is the problem.
My code is the following:
Setting the form (the report is already imported into SAP, its DocCode is RCRI0002):
AddOn.Application.LayoutKeyEvent += new SAPbouiCOM._IApplicationEvents_LayoutKeyEventEventHandler(SetPrinter);
SAPbobsCOM.ReportTypesService rptTypeService = (SAPbobsCOM.ReportTypesService)
SAPbobsCOM.ReportTypeParams rptParams = (SAPbobsCOM.ReportTypeParams)
rptParams.TypeCode = "RCRI";
SAPbobsCOM.ReportType updateType = rptTypeService.GetReportType(rptParams);
updateType.DefaultReportLayout = "RCRI0002";
SboForm.ReportType = "RCRI";
the eventlistener function:
public void SetPrinter(ref SAPbouiCOM.LayoutKeyInfo eventInfo, out bool BubbleEvent)
     BubbleEvent = true;
     if (eventInfo.ReportTemplate == "RCRI" && eventInfo.ReportCode == "RCRI0002")
          eventInfo.LayoutKey = "21"; //Set the key of the layout - hardcoded for testing
I work on version 8.81 PL08
Has anyone found a solution? Is there a solution on higher patch?


OK, so we returned to this problem, and now I managed to make it work on 8.82 PL11. And now I can't remember anymore how I tried it back then. Maybe I did not use the [email protected] parameter in the Crystal report.
Anyhow, it looks like it works now.

November 30, -0001

Printing Crystal Reports from UDO form

Dear Experts, I want to open a Crystal report from an addon. I've already found [the following thread|] and the [mentioned blog post|

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