Print html file via share intent


Hello HP
I'm a developer, I trying to print html file to HP Printer via share intent. Here is my code:
Intent intent = new Intent("org.androidprinting.intent.action.PRINT");
Uri uri = Uri.parse(path);
intent.setDataAndType(uri, "ePrintWebContent/*");
Nothing happen when I share this intent. Please show me right way to print html file.
Thank you!!


Did you look in the LabVIEW Help?​/lvhowto/reg_hndl_ax_evnts/
You right-click on that parameter and select Create Callback VI. This will automatically create a VI with the required inputs and outputs. This is the VI that will be called when the event occurs. If you need the callback VI to update any front panel controls of the main VI, then you can pass in control references via the User Parameter input.
Attached is a modification of the shipping example that handles the Navigate and DocumentComplete events.
Navigate Callback ‏24 KB
Navigate ‏15 KB
DocumentComplete ‏15 KB

October 11, 2015

Print html file via share intent

Hello HP I'm a developer, I trying to print html file to HP Printer via share intent. Here is my code: Intent intent = new Intent("org.androidprinting.intent.action.PRINT"); Uri uri = Uri.parse(path); intent.addCategory(Intent.CATEGORY_DEFAULT);

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