Print crystal report without preview


Dear All,
i want print crystal report without preview.
when i click print button i want show printer list install in that computer.
so user can choose which printer that use to print. I means like if we printing document from office, we can choose the printer.
how that i can do that?
please help.
best regards,


Since this issue has little to do with sql server, I suggest you post your question to a forum for CR
SAP CR community

October 11, 2015

Print crystal report without preview

Dear All, i want print crystal report without preview. when i click print button i want show printer list install in that computer. so user can choose which printer that use to print. I means like if we printing document from office, we can choose th

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<%@ include file="jsp_connect_db.jsp" %> <%      //==============================================      //Report Exporting      //==============================================      File reportFile = new File(application.getRealPath(&quo

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