Premiere Pro CS5.5 and H.264/AVC video import issues


I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and using Premiere Pro CS5.5.
I record HD videos using a Canon EOS 7D in .mov format. I don't have any issues importing these files to Premiere, but I do have problems with the convered equivalents. I'm currently using AVS Video Converter 7 to convert the original files to .AVI files.
The main difference between the two versions (original and converted) is the bitrate and audio codec, but Premiere only imports audio when I drag the .avi file to it. What strikes me dumb is that a poor editor like Camtasia Studio has no problems reading the files (both the audio and video track), but Premiere does.
I also have the MainConcept Codec Suite, but that doesn't help.
Can someone please give me a better solution than telling me to convert the converted videos back to a format supported by Premiere? I would prefere jugling with codecs and make it work rather than spending time converting videos back and forth.
Intel Core i7 920, 12GB RAM, nVidia GeForce GTX 295.
Thank you!


@Jim Simon
I have 7D footage on my hard dive right now.  4.5 minutes takes up
about 660MB.  Which is right in line with AVCHD running at 12 to 13 GB
per hour.
I don't know what kind of footage you got, but I download recordings from it daily and I think that entitles me to say I know better. Maybe what you've got isn't original 7D HD footage.
As for the solution...what I'm saying is that the "best
practice" IS the solution.  You're creating a problem by not following
the best practice.  If you follow that best practice, you will stop
creating the problem.
I already have problems. To be more specific, I'm not looking for future advice, but for ways of solving the problems I currently have. Telling me what to do from now on won't help me import and use in Premiere the already compressed files.
Well, nothing will be resolved by complaining about it.
What you should be doing is to request this feature.
I'm not complaining as much as I'm saying Premiere is really PRO.
However, i am curious why MainConcept Codec Suite can't import your file.
Have you tried using a different video container differnt than *.avi?
Yes, I have tried a dozen, but to no avail.
Most people using Premiere want to maintain high quality...not throw it away by using converters.
I'm using native files too, it's just that I don't keep them that way for years.
Editing native is seen by most to be a huge PLUS!
Yes, I would say CPU-wise.
Later in the evening I have found what seems to be the best solution to my issue.
AVS Video ReMaker and MainConcept can do wonders together when it comes to importing compressed files to Premiere PRO. AVS Video ReMaker's MP4 export almost instantly converts files with no quality loss and very close to the source file's size, and these MP4 files are recognized as native clips in Premiere (with stereo audio track and clean responsive video) thanks to MainConcept. It is excellent! The only downside is that the CPU gets more stressed (about 20-30% more of a Core i7 920), but the compressed video runs smooth ([email protected]), needs no rendering and takes the same ammount of space as the source compressed file.

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Hello! I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and using Premiere Pro CS5.5. I record HD videos using a Canon EOS 7D in .mov format. I don't have any issues importing these files to Premiere, but I do have problems with the convered equivalents. I'm currently

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