Prelude Ingest problem


I recently purchased CS6 Production Premium and am totally new to it. I decided to have a look at Prelude. I ingested a 16 min video file and played around with various buttons etc. trying to make a short clip. I did not save the project changes. When I opened the video in Premiere Pro, and looked for the original file in Media Browser,it only showed a 2 min clip,and not the full 16 mins. The same thing happens when I open in Prelude. I can play the original file in Media Player etc in it's entirety.
I cannot understand what I have pressed to cause this.It would appear the the file has somehow been altered but only when viewed in Adobe programmes.
As soon as I get a chance I will be looking at the tutorials but feel the answer to my question will not readily surface.


Hi Michael
Thanks for your interest.Happy New Year.
This was my first time in Prelude.
I looked around for how to import a file and came to the conclusion that “Ingest “ was the way.
Navigated to my 16 min video and clicked it to ingest.
Once it was in Prelude, on the left side, I highlighted it and dragged to the Monitor panel. At that point I could scroll through the whole video no worries.
I recollect that I scrolled through to 2.27 mins and clicked the icon marked Go to Object end.
At least I think that was it
When I open Prelude now, I cannot see that icon at all, only the monitor section.
I have just tried it again after deleting previous project and it only ingests a 2 min clip even though the one I navigate to is 16 mins long.
I cannot seem to get the left screen I had before with the Object icons on it, only the Monitor screen.
If I use Windows Explorer to get to my 16 min video it has a file size of 3.38G and a time of 16mins showing.
I cannot see how the original file of 16 mins imports as a 2.27 min clip.
Sorry I cannot be more explicit but I was not expecting this sort of problem so did not take that much notice.
It has always been my understanding that the original file remains intact and that I am working on a imported copy to edit.

November 30, -0001

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I recently purchased CS6 Production Premium and am totally new to it. I decided to have a look at Prelude. I ingested a 16 min video file and played around with various buttons etc. trying to make a short clip. I did not save the project changes. Whe

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