Posting Customer Payment Term Discount Separately


Hello Gurus,
I have configured the system for the Customer Payment Terms in SAP but I am having hard time showing that correctly in FBL5N.
For Example:
Invoice Value $100
Payment Term 2% Discount
Customer Pays on time $98
In FBL5N main display screen, I see the customer account after clearing as follows:
Invoice Value $100 (Clear)
Incoming Payment $100- (Clear)
To see the discount and actual cash posted to the right accounts, I need to drill down in the Incoming Payment Document Entry to see the following information:
40 Payment Discount $2
40 Actual Cash Received $98
15 Customer Invoice $100
Can I see the above posting on the main screen of FBL5N without using F-32 (Clear Customer) so that I could see the actual payment discount and actual cash paid by the customer?
Thank You
Salman Ahmed


Hi salman
With the help of ABAPER, Activate BTE 1650 and add a new column named discount in the FBL5N report.
Give the logic for the same to fetch the amount of discount in the said added column. Also, if the amount of receipt is also required, Column for actual amount received can also be added.
Through this you can get both the amount received and discount in the FBL5N report.

October 11, 2015

Posting Customer Payment Term Discount Separately

Hello Gurus, I have configured the system for the Customer Payment Terms in SAP but I am having hard time showing that correctly in FBL5N. For Example: Invoice Value $100 Payment Term 2% Discount Customer Pays on time $98 In FBL5N main display screen

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