Pick List and Pack List


Can anyone please provide some light on how the system should generate a pick list and pack list. what config needs to be done and settings. or help me with some tutorials even.
Kanna Palle.


Dear Kanna,
Picking & Packing lists are the output types in the shipping output process.
Packing list
Standard output type for Packing list is PL00
To get the Packing list output you need to do the output determination settings for the outbound deliveries.
In the output determination procedure you keep the Packing list output type.
Picking list
1. First assign your Output type EK00 to the shipping point(Enterprise Structure - Definition of Shipping point), also maintain the time and medium.
2. Use TCode V/38, to maintain the condition type EK00, maintain the time,print parameters and transmission medium.
Also assign the processing routines Prog: RVADEK1,Form Routine: ENTRY, Form:SD_PICK_SINGLE
3. Mainatain the print parameters for shipping pt using TCOde VL01SHP.
For output determination in shiiping go through this IMG path
IMG>Logistics execution>Shipping>Basic Shipping functions>Output control>Output determination>Maintain Output Determination for Outbound Deliveries
-->Maintain Condition Tables
-->Maintain Output Types
-->Maintain Access Sequences
-->Maintain Output Determination Procedure
-->Assign Output Determination Procedures
Maintain condition records through VV21 transaction.
I hope this will help you,

November 30, -0001

Pick List and Pack List

Can anyone please provide some light on how the system should generate a pick list and pack list. what config needs to be done and settings. or help me with some tutorials even. Thanks, Kanna Palle.Dear Kanna, Picking & Packing lists are the output t

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