Panasonic sdr-s26 and FCE4


I am a totally newbie and I bought FCE 4 to cut my movies from my sd-card-camcorder Panasonic sdr-s26. Unfortunately I can not import my movies to fce. The files on my sd-card are named ".mod" or ".moi". It seems that FCE can not handle those files.
Please help a totally newbie. Thanks
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From your camcorder specs, I think you should be able to copy the MPEG2 movie files from your camera to your Mac hard disk, and then convert them into the standard FCE format using the free application MPEG Streamclip.
When the media file is on your Mac open it in MPEG Streamclip, then Export to QuickTime (cmd-E - NOT Export to DV!) with Compression: Apple DV-PAL (or Apple DV-DVCPRO/NTSC), Quality: 100%, fps: 25 for PAL or 29,97 for NTSC, Audio: uncompressed, Stereo, 48 KHz.
When imported to FCE, the resulting .mov will not require video nor audio rendering.

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Panasonic sdr-s26 and FCE4

Hi! I am a totally newbie and I bought FCE 4 to cut my movies from my sd-card-camcorder Panasonic sdr-s26. Unfortunately I can not import my movies to fce. The files on my sd-card are named ".mod" or ".moi". It seems that FCE can not h

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