Panasonic HMC70P AVCHD import problem


I searched through the forum and found loads of problems importing AVCHD into FCE which is rather disconcerting.
I have a brand new Panasonic HMC70P AVCHD. I tried to import using Log and Transfer. All the scenes on the SDHC card appeared nicely on the top portion of this window. When I dragged a scene down to the lower portion to start the transfer, it lasted a few second then stop, the status shows "error: no data" and the imported scene was not usable.
The same scenes can be imported to iMovie without any problem.
Can any one help?


Sorry, I searched the forum but I don't think I found the one you are referring to. Can you give me a link?
I tried to either import directly from the SDHC card or download first to hard drive but both failed. I used Log and Transfer and drag the clip to the bottom part of the window. The transfer seemed to be starting but no progress in the progress bar and it stopped in a few second. Then the status became "error: no data". This is a Dual Quad Cord Intel Xeon. The hard drive is the one that came with the computer, formated as Mac OS Extended.
The SDHC card was connected thru a reader.

November 30, -0001

Panasonic HMC70P AVCHD import problem

I searched through the forum and found loads of problems importing AVCHD into FCE which is rather disconcerting. I have a brand new Panasonic HMC70P AVCHD. I tried to import using Log and Transfer. All the scenes on the SDHC card appeared nicely on t

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