Panasonic HDS-HS9 crashes imovie


Just bought this sweet camera, the retailer had it on display using imovie. I get the thing home and when I tried to import video, imovie gives the old "unexpected shut-down" prompt. Was I duped? My old JVC DV camera works like a champ still.


Search the forums for the HDC-SD9 (essentially the same camera without the hard drive) to find a few large threads on this topic (although for some reason they are being locked). In summary, it doesn't work. You need 3rd party software (VoltaicHD) to covert the source files into files that are playable in iMovie/Final Cut.

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Panasonic HDS-HS9 crashes imovie

Just bought this sweet camera, the retailer had it on display using imovie. I get the thing home and when I tried to import video, imovie gives the old "unexpected shut-down" prompt. Was I duped? My old JVC DV camera works like a champ still.Sea

Panasonic HDC-SD9 video import crashes iMovie

Everytime I try to import video from my Panasonic HDC-SD9 using iMovie it crashes the program. A google search on the problem led me to installing the Quicktime plugin Perian 1.1 but this did nothing to help the issue. Other people have recommended p

Panasonic HDC-HS9

My iMovie will not allow me to preview thumbnails of upload contentI too bought the HDC-HS9 from this week, with high expectations of it's 1080/24p performance, only to discover massive incompatibility issues with iMovie08. Upon connection

Panasonic HDC-TM900 with iMovie

Hello, I purchased recently a Panasonic HDC-TM900 and, although I can import and edit the footage in iMovie '09, the quality of the DVD created is pretty poor. Is there any way to get HD quality on a DVD? What can I use? I had an older Sony Digital8

Panasonic HC-V520 and iMovie

I just purchased a mac pro and I want to buy a new camcorder.  I'm looking at the Panasonic HC-V520 but I'm concerned that I'll have problems with iMovie.  Does anyone know if this camcorder is compatable, or can someone suggest a similiar camcorder?

Using the Panasonic HDC SD90 with iMovie '11

I just got the Panasonic HDC SD90 and I pluged it into my computer and opened iMovie, and all I ot were the movies I already shoot. I want to be able to record dirctly to the hard drive of my mac book pro. Is this possible? Thanks for any helpThis is

Recovering a clip from a Crashed iMovie project?

I was recording a clip from iSight when the machine froze.... upon a reboot, my project was empty - although it is 900MB!! I found a clip (900MB big) in the Media folder within the project, but when I double click it, quicktime says it can't read it.

My imovie keeps crashing when I try to share to a QT file.

Does anyone know how to stop the crashing iMovie when I try to Share to a Quicktime File?I'm just using the default settings in iMovie. There is only one type of project and when you go to share, I just click on export to quicktime. So, whatever it's

Imovie and Ipad2 crashing, help!

When using Imovie on the Ipad 2, whenever I try to import photos from Iphoto nothing shows up, then when I try to grab a photo from camera roll, it crashes Imovie. Location settings are on. any suggestions? thanks, patThanks for letting me know that

Imovie 09 Crashes when exporting or sharing in any format.

I tried exporting my project to any of the options and I continuously crash imovie. I have tried different formats in itunes, media browser and export movie... Process: iMovie [162] Path: /Applications/ Identifier: com

Panasonic camcorder choice (log & Transfer problems?)

Hi I recently borrowed a panasonic HDC-HS9 which I like very much but had some problems with Log & Transfer on FCE... After some setting up I managed to get the L&T working well but could never get the preview to work. When attempting to preview i

IMovie won't start, but in the end it did

i read the other posts about crashing imovie at the start, but my problem seemed a little different. my imovie started, i saw the app windows, then crashed immediatley. the strange thing was starting it from another account always worked. i then rein

Is there a version of iMovie that will import ProRes files?

Is there a version of iMovie that will import ProRes files? Final Cut Pro does, but does iMovie HD? And which version?Luca,  I'm not sure acceptable life in iMovie at 60p is possible, and not sure about YouTube at this point either. (I have a 2.66GHz

Import from Panasonic PV-G150

When I try to import a movie from my Panasonic PV-G150, I get a "Communication Error." Have a firewire plugged in. What gives?I had the same problem. To use the Panasonic PV-GS500 with iMovie on a Mac you need to connect it using firewire to the


I'm importing widescreen footage from a 1998 Panasonic DV camcorder and iMovie 09 insists on letterboxing the footage - throwing the aspect ratio out of whack and squashing the image. Any tips on how to prevent this most welcome. Thanks.I have a simi

Log and Transfer crashes FCE4

Every time I open my Log and Transfer window FCE crashes right away. I don't even have a camcorder attached. Any ideas? Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Memory: 1 GBI am getting what might be the same

Help Please - on a VC that works out of the box with MAC before I sellup

I have to declare that I’m somewhat frustrated at the moment and I could do with some good advise please bare with me while I explain. I have recently converted from all types of PC systems and MS OS to Apple. The conversion was based on a few driver

Import from Kodak V550 .mov

Impressed with several features in iMovie 08, but very annoyed that I can no longer import my .mov files from my Kodak V550. I used to just pop them into iMovie 06 HD no prob. Now, it's looking like I'll need to convert each and every file that I sho

Edit multichannel audio from HD camcorder

I have a Panasonic HDC-HS9 which records audio in 5.1 with the built in mic. The camcorder menu has audio level settings for each of the 5 channels. I recorded a video clip and would like to edit the audio from this video clip in SP which came with F

Poor video

When I import my video from my Panasonic AG-HMC150 to IMovie the video is great. But when I import into Premiere CS5 the video is of poor quality...the video is not clear and seems to break up at times. My computer is an Apple IMac I5. Any ideas what