Panasonic HDC-SX5 Log and Transfer ratio problems


Hi, I'm having a little trouble with some footage from a camera that I've never worked with (Panasonic HDC-SX5). When you log and transfer footage from the camera via usb the footage is ingested at 2560x1080 when it should be 1920x1080. 1440x1080 is a possibility too, definitely not 2560 though. When the footage is transfered it's transcoded to Apple's Pro Res but FCP gives me no option to change those import settings? You only get to choose between Pro Res and AIC.
I can manually change all the clip properties but surely this isn't how FCP intended people with this camera to work. There are a ton of clips.
Has anyone else ran in to this? Thanks.


Did you see this one too?
The interesting thing is that the none answer or vague answers are actually
already answers in a way as it seems that the issue is not totally addressed yet!

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Panasonic HDC-SX5 Log and Transfer ratio problems

Hi, I'm having a little trouble with some footage from a camera that I've never worked with (Panasonic HDC-SX5). When you log and transfer footage from the camera via usb the footage is ingested at 2560x1080 when it should be 1920x1080. 1440x1080 is

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Disclaimer: Apple does not necessarily endorse any suggestions, solutions, or third-party software products that may be mentioned in the topic below. Apple encourages you to first seek a solution at Apple Support. The following links are provided as

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The editor: Mac Pro 10.4.11 FCP 6.0.2. Quicktime Version 7.4.1 (14) 30 minutes of video shot to a P2 card on an HVX200 is unable to log and transfer. Plays fine in the browser and on camera. Workflow tried: Write protect P2 and connect HVX200 to Mac