Panasonic BL-C230 problems


I have a panasonic BL-c230 ip camera. it's worked great for several year.  i recently switch ISPs and moved to DSL and thought I'd have to readdress all of my Apple-routed components (10.0.1.X) to the new DSL router's address group.  Turns out I didn't. But I was trying to reset this BL-C230 and now I can't figure out how to contact the camera.  I also can't find the orignal CD to set it up using my VMware Windows PC.
I've found references to the default IP being and, and for some reason I have  written on the camera in sharpy pen....none of those numbers work when I set my ethernet up to be on those domains.
I plug it in via ethernet (the way I originally set it up) - I get the green light - but it never shows up anywhere.  I've also tried DHCP on my ethernet port to see if it would give me an address to start with (it didn't).  I also went from through manually (254 pings) using ping and never got any response except on the (which doesn't work as an ip address).
is it possible the camera has something internally wrong now?
How can I find the camera's IP? do you know where to find an online version of that horrible windows application that does the set up?


Did you ever get this sorted out? I have the same problem.

November 30, -0001

Panasonic BL-C230 problems

Hi I have a panasonic BL-c230 ip camera. it's worked great for several year.  i recently switch ISPs and moved to DSL and thought I'd have to readdress all of my Apple-routed components (10.0.1.X) to the new DSL router's address group.  Turns out I d

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