Outbound del: handling unit creates pack item


I want in the delivery an extra line when I create a handling unit. Is this just one setting in customizing?
I know I have to create packing instructions and a verp material, but I want to know how to activate the extra 9000 line with
the packing material.
Thank you in advance,


Have you solved your problem yet?
If the message "Handling unit xxxxx contains an item that cannot be assigned" occurs,
First: you should check, that the picking storage location of the delivery is the same than the one, where the batches and Handling Units are located.
Second: check the amounts. Are you sure you have the right ones and you are not trying to pick kilograms "KG" when you should pick tons "TO"?
I had this message also several times and mostly it was due to the mistakes, described above.

November 30, -0001

Outbound del: handling unit creates pack item

Hi, I want in the delivery an extra line when I create a handling unit. Is this just one setting in customizing? I know I have to create packing instructions and a verp material, but I want to know how to activate the extra 9000 line with the packing

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