Oracle warehouse builder and windows vista


Hello All, I need to install oracle warehouse builder on PC with Windows Vista but Oracle Setup close installation program because it find JavaVirtualMachine (JRE) rel.6.0 but it need max jre 5.2.
How i can do for installing oracle warehouse builder ver. 10.2.1 ????
thanks for your answer
Marco Frosini


I guess Marco confused the Installer message
Starting Oracle Universal Installer...
Checking installer requirements...
Checking operating system version: must be 4.0, 5.0, 5.1 or 5.2 . Actual 6.0
Failed <<<<
Exiting Oracle Universal Installer, log for this session can be found at C:\Prog
ram Files\Oracle\Inventory\logs\installActions2007-07-08_12-43-29PM.log
Please press Enter to exit...
As I see it, It checkes the OS version, which is 6.0 for Vista (an internal version no), however, the installer supports only till 5.2. By my understanding its not the JRE version, but the OS version.
Besides this small misinterpretation, Has anybody found any way of installing OWB on Vista ?? I have Vista business on a HP laptop, and I NEED to run OWB...
All help is greatly appreciated...

November 30, -0001

Oracle warehouse builder and windows vista

Hello All, I need to install oracle warehouse builder on PC with Windows Vista but Oracle Setup close installation program because it find JavaVirtualMachine (JRE) rel.6.0 but it need max jre 5.2. How i can do for installing oracle warehouse builder

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