Oracle SQL Query from EXCEL 2007 with prompt


I have many excel reports where I am pulling information from our Oracle 9 db through Excel using the following method:
However, I am having trouble when I try the following query due to the prompt:
Does any one know how I can connect a prompt to an excel cell and then pass the query on to Oracle, or have a PL SQL prompt work from Excel?


The 'prompt' as you call it is a sqlplus feature, so does not belong to the SQL language
You would need to write a stored procedure returning a resultset.
create or replace procedure foo(rc in out sys_refcursor, p_item) as
open rc for
IM.ITEM = '||p_item;
and call that using ODBC or
Obviously this is profusely documented.
Sybrand Bakker
Senior Oracle DBA

October 11, 2015

Oracle SQL Query from EXCEL 2007 with prompt

Hello, I have many excel reports where I am pulling information from our Oracle 9 db through Excel using the following method:

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