Oracle Reports, Working with User defined template


Dear Ones,
I saw the Reports9i online help, there if i want to add my own template to the list of predefined template list , it said to add the template in the following directory:"ORACLE_HOME/REPORT60/ADMIN/TEMPLATE/US"
But I am unable to find this directory in my ORACLE-HOME...Plz help me..


Hi Aijaz,
On Windows installation in my machine, the directory structure mentioned is present. But on Solaris, it is under $ORACLE_HOME/reports60/admin/templates.
Please let me know what exactly the help says.
Also state where you are looking for online help.
Are you using 6i / 9i Reports (because directory structure mentions "REPORT60") but you have mentioned who saw in Reports9i Online help. Please clarify.

November 30, -0001

Oracle Reports, Working with User defined template

Dear Ones, I saw the Reports9i online help, there if i want to add my own template to the list of predefined template list , it said to add the template in the following directory:"ORACLE_HOME/REPORT60/ADMIN/TEMPLATE/US" But I am unable to find

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