Oracle Reports to J2EE


I want to migrate oralce reports to J2EE. Please suggest some tools available for the same.


Reports9i can be saved in JSP format, not 2.5 or 6i.
If by "migrating to J2EE" you only mean being able to call reports over the web, you can still do that by using a URL using Reports6i. However, true J2EE support in terms of saving reports as JSP's and being able to deploy them with your application is a 9i feature. Reports9i offers other J2EE features as well like being able to run reports over any application server using a J2EE thin client (

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Oracle Reports to J2EE

I want to migrate oralce reports to J2EE. Please suggest some tools available for the same.Hi, Reports9i can be saved in JSP format, not 2.5 or 6i. If by "migrating to J2EE" you only mean being able to call reports over the web, you can still do

Unable to start Oracle Reports Server for 10g version

Attention Oracle Reports Team or anyone else: I am unable to start the Oracle Reports Server for 10g version of the Application Server. I have included the trace files see below. I marked the text in bold that might indicate the issues. An

Error deploying oracle report JSPs in Jdeveloper.

Hi, I am trying to deploy and run a report created using oracle Report tool(comes with oracle 10g developer suite). I did the below steps. 1. I created a web layout report in oracle reports tool. 2. Open Jdeveloper (which comes in developer suite). 3

Oracle Reports Integration with JDeveloper

Hi Gurus, We have our Oracle Forms Applications 10g Release1 running on the Application Server 9.0.4. I have understood that using oracle Forms Faces, the existing Forms can be brought into the J2EE Frame work developed using ADF Faces. Now my questi

Exception while opening a JSP file created using oracle report builder

I have created a JSP page which contains embedded Oracle reports build using Oracle Report Builder. I have deployed the JSP created above to the Oracle Application Server but when i try to open the JSP file it gives the following error: 500 Internal

PDF PRINTING using Apache FOP and Oracle Containers for J2EE

Hi, I am having major confusion about the pdf printing in Oracle XE and Apex It clearly states that this is an available option on the Oracle website. According to Apex there are two options for printing report regions. Standard - which i

Oracle Reports Not working in Web Layout

Hi, I am facing problem to run oracle reports in web layout working fine in paper layout. Please tell me the steps how to fix this problem? Regards, Waqar ShafiqueHello, The easiest way to develop is to use the Report Builder Wizzard.Other example ca

Oracle report-how to change report layout to landscape?

Hi, I am using Oracle report 6i. I want to change the report layout to Landscape. I had tried to go to 'page setup' and changed to 'landscape', but when I print, I still got portait layout. Can anyone help me? Thanks. JunHi, Easiest method for changi

Bullets in oracle Reports

Hi , I want bullets to be dislayed in my oracle reports. I sthere any way i can fect hdata from database with bullets onto my pdf report. Thanks, AshishIn the repeating frame of the row where you require bullets, Draw an ellipse and fill it with blac

Sum function do not work in oracle reports enhanced spreadsheet format

we are using oracle reports in our oracle application server 10gr2 and we are creating enhanced spreed sheet.And the report opens in MS excel fine.But we can not apply any formula like VALUE,SUM,AVG on that report after opening it into excel

Print another PDF inside Oracle Report

We print an oracle report to PDF via oracle Forms, some customers have seperate PDFs that they want to link to the run oracle report. Ideally they want to merge the two into one document. Has anyone had any exprience of this or know of annyway to ach

Saving Oracle report to Database

I want to generate report on report but for that, I need to install Oracle report tables to store the report definition. Can anybody tell me where to get script to create those tables. I am using Report 6i on DBMS 8iNo, I heard that the report RDF fi

Oracle report 10g publsinng on web and Oracle Portal

I am converting a report that was using oracle OAS9i, we pass to URL(rdf file) userid/password and worked fine. We were not using Portal, even though it is installed by OAS. Now seems we have to use Oracle Portal to publish the same report. Is that r

Oracle Reports: Print HTML tags

I am reading data from DB that contains HTML tags and would like the tags to be interpreted when the PDF report is displayed. Currently, the HTML tags are being displayed in the report. When I output the report as a HTML is tags are interpreted and l

Oracle Report in PDF format

Hi, After upgrading from 11.5.7 to 11.5.10 Oracle Report in PDF format is not working(it was working fine in 11.5.7). When change output format to TEXT it working fine. Please advise? Thanks DaveHi, Perhaps it is not clear about what are the invalid

Oracle reports 6i to Oracle forms 10g migration

Hi, I have .rdf files which were created on Oracle Reports 6i. I would like to migrate the .rdf files into Oracle Reports module which is present as a part of Oracle Forms 10g to generate PDF output. Please let me know the detailed steps to be follow

Changing Database Oracle Reports Connection.

Hi Fellows. I would like to know if it is possible to Change Oracle Reports Connection (Ver2.5) after the end user fill in the Parameter Form. I have about 21 agencies with a Database in each one and the end user have to choose the agency what he wan

I am unable to get order by column name in oracle report parameter form


Using JNI in Oracle Reports

Hi. I have some difficulties understanding the Oracle Reports mechanism of JNI. The problem I have is the report job is crashed when I use the imported java class. I am using Oracle Reports on Oracle Linux The scenario of generating report i

OCI for Oracle Reports

Does anyone know if an OCI for Oracle Reports is available for Pro C/C++? If so where is it documented and how is it used? Thanks, Emaduser4594420 wrote: Oracle7 for windows and OracleClient7 (oci.h, oci.o and others) for linux ?That would imply a re