Oracle Reports: Print HTML tags


I am reading data from DB that contains HTML tags and would like the tags to be interpreted when the PDF report is displayed. Currently, the HTML tags are being displayed in the report.
When I output the report as a HTML is tags are interpreted and looks ok.
How do I convert the HTML tags in the report is displayed as PDF?
Thanks for your response.


Ramakrishnan Srinivasan (guest) wrote:
: I have a requirement to transport a print file created by
: Reports to a print shop and print the document at this
: I know the type of printer this shop has.
: The print file I like to create is a Form Letter. I will like
: know how to achieve this using Oracle Reports.
: The letter I like to print is a standard letter with some
: information on it. I will also like to know if I can create a
: file consisting of Name, address and other specific information
: that I want in the letter and merge it at the other end with
: Word/Word perfect Letter using a WINDOWS 95 supplied batch
: program.
: Any other feasible solutions are also welcome.
: Ram
Hi Ram,
You can create a postscript file or a PDF file and give that
to the print shop for printing. It's pretty easy. Go to the File
menu, choose Generate to File, and then choose Postscript or PDF.
Note that Reports will use the driver for the printer to which
you are connected at the time you generate the file. You may have
to do some tests to make sure that that printer driver is
compatible with that of the print shop. I would generate a test
file from Reports and see if it works with their printer.
The Oracle Reports Team

November 30, -0001

Oracle Reports: Print HTML tags

I am reading data from DB that contains HTML tags and would like the tags to be interpreted when the PDF report is displayed. Currently, the HTML tags are being displayed in the report. When I output the report as a HTML is tags are interpreted and l

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