Oracle reports not working


my oracle reports are not working.
all the inforation is being sent to the rwservlet but the report just consists of the Heading of the report and not the data.
i have checked the queries in the respective .xml files and run those queries in sql. they are working pretty fine and returning the desired result. if i am trying to generate the reports in excel format, they are getting generated with all data.
please help me out.


Is this a problem with one type of report? Does a simple test report created in the builder work ok?
How are you running the report? From a URL or from Forms?
Is there any error showing in the ?/reports/logs or in the ?/opmn/logs (either in the report server log or in the OC4J)?
Can you run the report using rwrun?

November 30, -0001

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Oracle reports not working

my oracle reports are not working. all the inforation is being sent to the rwservlet but the report just consists of the Heading of the report and not the data. i have checked the queries in the respective .xml files and run those queries in sql. the

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