Oracle Reports Not working in Web Layout


I am facing problem to run oracle reports in web layout working fine in paper layout. Please tell me the steps how to fix this problem?
Waqar Shafique


The easiest way to develop is to use the Report Builder Wizzard.Other example can be found in this note:
How to Generate Excel output in browser using Reports9i JSP (Doc ID 240819.1)
You can also search on google.
For deployment check:
How To Deploy And Run Oracle Reports JSP In 10G R2 AS? (Doc ID 334447.1)
and if on 11g:
Deployment of Web Layout Reports (JSP) in Reports 11g (Doc ID 1297790.1)
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October 11, 2015

Oracle Reports Not working in Web Layout

Hi, I am facing problem to run oracle reports in web layout working fine in paper layout. Please tell me the steps how to fix this problem? Regards, Waqar ShafiqueHello, The easiest way to develop is to use the Report Builder Wizzard.Other example ca

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Then I use 2 languages,  Option          "XkbLayout"     "us,lt" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, then work keyboard layout. If I use 3 languages in XkbLayout, then not work layout. There some part of /etc/X11/xorg.conf: Section "InputDevic reports not working

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Recently I upgraded an ISE to I found the Guest Activity Report is not working. Before the upgrade it was working properly (with the limitation of 5000 records by report). Nothing in the ASA was modified, but nothing is reported in the ISE

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