Oracle Reports integration with Sybase


1) Does Oracle Reports support access to Sybase Database?
2) Is it posible to generate Adhoc reports through Oracle Reports Writer?
3) Is ii possible to execute stored procedures in database from Oracle Rreports?
Thanks in advance!


1)Yes, JDBCPDS feature in Reports 9i support access to Sybase Database. It allows to access different
data sources through JDBC-Drivers. JDBC Driver type "sybase-merant" can be used to access to Sybase Database.
Both SQL Query or Stored Procedure can be used to data source to create JDBC Query.
Please refer to the Online help of the reports Builder for JDBC query. You can also get more details from
"Builing reports" manual at
3) Assuming you are refering to executing stored procedures in sybase database, JDBC query (JDBCPDS) can
be created against Stored Procedure on sybase database which return set of rows.
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November 30, -0001

Oracle Reports integration with Sybase

Hi, 1) Does Oracle Reports support access to Sybase Database? 2) Is it posible to generate Adhoc reports through Oracle Reports Writer? 3) Is ii possible to execute stored procedures in database from Oracle Rreports? Thanks in advance!Keten 1)Yes, JD

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