Oracle Reports in PDF output


Hi everyone ,
We are using Oracle 11g.
I have a custom Oracle report in PDF output. In some cases the value is changed. For example, when i run a query in toad i get a value 0.13, then I run my report, check the XML output - the value is still 0.13....but when I check the report output that is in the PDF format, the value is changed to 0.14. Do you have any ideas why it happens? Do I need a special coad in the rtf tag?
Thank you


What command did you type in to run your report in Unix? Did you give the full path of your rdf file. I guess that the system may not be find your rdf file correctly.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by guest2000:
Hi all,
Anybody currently running Oracle Reports in unix platform and the output is generated in pdf format & display in browser?
Can you please advise on what are all the environment variables that I have to set in order to get the report runs?
Besides, what are the specific printer setting that I have to set? as well as priviledge on directory if necessary.
My reports are created in PC with RDF format. When run in unix, can the RDF still be used or it has been to recompile? If recompile, how is this done?
I always get the following error but do not what is the cause:
REP-0110: Unable to open file 'myreport.rdf'. REP-1070: Error while opening or saving a document. REP-0110: Unable to open file 'myreport.rdf'.
Please advise.
Hope to receive your reply asap.
Great thanks in advance.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

October 11, 2015

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Hi everyone , We are using Oracle 11g. I have a custom Oracle report in PDF output. In some cases the value is changed. For example, when i run a query in toad i get a value 0.13, then I run my report, check the XML output - the value is still 0.13..

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