Oracle Report in PDF format


After upgrading from 11.5.7 to 11.5.10 Oracle Report in PDF format is not working(it was working fine in 11.5.7). When change output format to TEXT it working fine.
Please advise?


Perhaps it is not clear about what are the invalid characters its is it showing asterisks.....Well if it does show anything like that then all u have to do is go and change the dimensions of the particular field in which it is showing such characters.......i mean u r to change the rdf file in Reports Builder.....and try changing the length and width by dragging the edges of the particular field and then save it and after that convert it into .xml and .rep files and then run it.

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Oracle Report in PDF format

Hi, After upgrading from 11.5.7 to 11.5.10 Oracle Report in PDF format is not working(it was working fine in 11.5.7). When change output format to TEXT it working fine. Please advise? Thanks DaveHi, Perhaps it is not clear about what are the invalid

Report in pdf format in oracle apex

how can i save the contents of a form as a report in pdf format by clicking on tha print button in oracle apex??? plz help if anyone knows tha solution Edited by: user9139675 on Mar 9, 2010 11:14 PMhow can i save the contents of a form as a report in

Oracle Reports in PDF output

Hi everyone , We are using Oracle 11g. I have a custom Oracle report in PDF output. In some cases the value is changed. For example, when i run a query in toad i get a value 0.13, then I run my report, check the XML output - the value is still 0.13..

Reports in PDF format does not show up on solaris box

Hi, I am trying to generate a report in pdf format. This shows up a blank page. But i could see that the cache file is generated for the report. This works fine in Win 2000. I have fixed the IE adobe issue. IS there anything special i need to do whil

Open report in pdf format without opening in browser.

Hi, Any body know show can save my report in pdf formate in a specific folder without opening in browser. I am using 9.0.4 developer suit. RegardsHi, Thanks from replyl. But i want to run report from form and this is used to run report from command p

How to get the output of the report in pdf format

how to get the output of the report in pdf format? Thanks in advance, madan.Refer these links CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF FM convert abap spool

How to convert report to pdf format  after that I want to send on mail

Hi Guru What is my requirement . I want put push button on output list of a normal report. When user click on mail push button, mail should go to customer mail id according to customer  no i gave input  for customer no in selection screen. For this I

Analytics: Error msg while downlodaing report in PDF format.

Sax parser returned an exception. Message: Expected an element name, Entity publicId: , Entity systemId: , Line number: 93, Column number: 56 Error Details Error Codes: UH6MBRBC Please let me know, how to overcome this issue..Hello Andrea. I searched

Displaying report in .pdf format while Running oracle reports over the web

I am running a report over the web via IE. I am suing .pdf format as the file type. The problem I am facing is that the report comes out with a blank in acrobat reader if there are just one or two records - i.e less thatn one pagefull. THe reports di

Unable to see report in pdf format in BI Publisher

Hi I am new to BIP and I am facing problem to display pdf format in BI Publisher Here is my my generated by 10g Report Developer. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="WINDOWS-1256"?> <!-- Generated by Oracle Reports version

Haw to execute and create a report in pdf format

i have installed developer 10g and application forms & report 10g. I have used until noe application and ina form to execute a report i have this istruction run_product(REPORTS,      var_report,           SYNCHRONOUS,      RUNTIME,      FILES

Sum function do not work in oracle reports enhanced spreadsheet format

we are using oracle reports in our oracle application server 10gr2 and we are creating enhanced spreed sheet.And the report opens in MS excel fine.But we can not apply any formula like VALUE,SUM,AVG on that report after opening it into excel

How to generate report in pdf format through a JSP page

I require to generate my report from my JSP page into a PDF format . How can i do it?Use a Java API which can create PDF files based on some collection of plain vanilla Java objects (List, String, Number, etc). Google can find them all. Just feed it

"Memory full." error while exporting report to PDF format - CR2008SP2

<br> Hello,<br> <br> I am developing a C#.NET application that uses the CR2008 SP2 .NET libraries. This application performs some database updates and uses CR2008 SP2 to run 7 different reports and export the results to PDF files. This a

How to send Oracle report automatically in format pdf by email with subject and body?

Hello, How to send e-mail attachment and mail other details like from ,subject,cc,to,mail body. In Oracle Developer Suite 10g? Regards.did you try to run report parameter form = yes , put to the parameter form following system parameters  and set et.

Print Report in PDF format

I have a report region based on sql query. I want to print that report region in PDF or word format. How can I do that. It may further be stated that I dnt have print server configured. Is it possible to do this wihout the configuration of report ser

Barcode Fonts not showing in BIP reports in PDF format in Siebel Remote

Hi, We have successfully setup the PDf report with Barcode fonts in Siebel Web Clinet. Now we are trying to setup the report in Siebel Mobile clinet. We did the following tomake it work in mobile clinet. 1) Copied the font file i.e. .ttf file in C:\W

6i registered Reports won't show In .PDF format, when runing in Portal

We are registering the reports into an Oracle Portal Content Area. We have been successful in doing so, except for when we attempt to get the report in .pdf format. When we set .pdf as the format we wish to get the report in, the Adobe program seems

Print another PDF inside Oracle Report

We print an oracle report to PDF via oracle Forms, some customers have seperate PDFs that they want to link to the run oracle report. Ideally they want to merge the two into one document. Has anyone had any exprience of this or know of annyway to ach

How to run report in web and pdf format

hi all, i am using developer 9i. i can run the report in paper layout but i could not be able to run that report in web layout. i have no html backgroud so what modification i have to do in the web source? and how to run the report in pdf format. tha