Oracle Report Hang with error on 11g.


Dear Team,
I have following setup:-
We are using oracle database 11g R2
Oracle Forms & reports : 11.1.2
O.S : Windows 7 Professional
When I log in to forms, I am able to log in successfully, after that when i run the report from forms 11g, i receive the below error in web logic server.
<Alert> <Diagnostics> <BEA-320016> <Creating diagnostic image in d:\oracle\middleware\user_projects\domains\classicdomain\servers\adminserver\adr\diag\ofm\classicdomain\adminserver\incident\incdir_27 with a lockout minute period of 1>
Reports were running fine till today, but only recently i made one change in rwserver.conf, i changed maxengine = 2 there.
Secondly I setup xampp apache server and gave a path in windows folder to instantclient for successfully connecting with php.
Please let me know is the error coming because of the 2 changes or either of the changes. Or else, please let me know any workaround to avoid this error.
Thank you in advance.


Thanks Roberto for your reply.
Now Reports were running fine, I removed xampp apache server path from windows folder and put same path at the end of oracle configuration path separated by semicolon.
whenever I made some changes in configuration file weblogic server hangs up and it doesn't allow to run report on web while in report builder it works fine.
What is the reason behind it, is there any permenent solution to this problem.

November 30, -0001

Oracle Report Hang with error on 11g.

Dear Team, I have following setup:- We are using oracle database 11g R2 Oracle Forms & reports : 11.1.2 O.S : Windows 7 Professional When I log in to forms, I am able to log in successfully, after that when i run the report from forms 11g, i receive

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