Oracle report 10g publsinng on web and Oracle Portal


I am converting a report that was using oracle OAS9i, we pass to URL(rdf file) userid/password and worked fine. We were not using Portal, even though it is installed by OAS. Now seems we have to use Oracle Portal to publish the same report. Is that right? If not how will I use report servlet to call a rdf file I assume I still need to send oracle user id/password as that is needed to run report(knowing this from old Oracle report 6.0). We really do not want to autheticate any user all users behind use the same Oracle account to print reports. Any hint?
Another thing I find that now reports are closely linked to Portal and looking at web publishing document it seems one needs to view them thru Portal. Please help me understand this why I can not just see the report as once they are processed they produce pdf that any borwser can show.


Any one??

November 30, -0001

Oracle report 10g publsinng on web and Oracle Portal

I am converting a report that was using oracle OAS9i, we pass to URL(rdf file) userid/password and worked fine. We were not using Portal, even though it is installed by OAS. Now seems we have to use Oracle Portal to publish the same report. Is that r

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