On screen display (remote control)


Hi all,
I'm planning to do a slideshow presentation using fotomagico and my macbook remote control. The presentation will be in front of people on a projector. Is there any way to turn off the on-screen displays whenever you press next, pause, etc...?
When doing my presentation, I will be moving from image to image by pressing next on the remote. I don't want people to see the "Next" icons on the screen.
other onscreen display would be the volume control...can the display be turned off too?
Thanks a bunch


HelloI have exactly the same problem, it is really annoying and is fustrating, I had started a thread on this very issue months ago, but nobody from Creative has shed any light on the issue or has offered any work around. Many other users discussed this problem http://forums.creative.com/creativel...scending&page=?Please fix this soon Creative!?John

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On screen display (remote control)

Hi all, I'm planning to do a slideshow presentation using fotomagico and my macbook remote control. The presentation will be in front of people on a projector. Is there any way to turn off the on-screen displays whenever you press next, pause, etc...

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