ODBC not working in WEB FORM(Dev6i)!!!


Hi :
I found ODBC are not working in Dev6i Web Forms , my reports all based on excel though ODBC .
Can anyone help me to solve this problem ?
Help me !!!!
Thanks in advenace !!!


Answering Oracle Reports questions is a bit out of my league, but I deal with a lot of ODBC apps, so I'll take a shot.
Try doing the following-
1) Open the Control Panel, Open the Data Sources (ODBC) control, and select the DSN you'll be using.
2) Put mnewman in the User ID field and mnn4578 in the password field.
3) I'm not familiar with the Oracle Reports dialog you're referring to when you say "I put in mnewman/[email protected]:*", but make sure that you aren't providing more information than is being asked for (i.e. putting user/[email protected]:* in a field that just asks for username). Since it's asking you to pick a DSN, it should be able to pull username/password information from the DSN.
Justin Cave
ODBC Development

October 11, 2015

ODBC not working in WEB FORM(Dev6i)!!!

Hi : I found ODBC are not working in Dev6i Web Forms , my reports all based on excel though ODBC . Can anyone help me to solve this problem ? Help me !!!! Thanks in advenace !!!Answering Oracle Reports questions is a bit out of my league, but I deal

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