OCR in selected image


Hi All,
I want to get text of selected image using acrobat inbuilt OCR functionality.
Current functionality converts all images on selected pages in pdf document.
I want text recognition runs limited to the selected image.


Acrobat performs OCR on whole pages.

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OCR in selected image

Hi All, I want to get text of selected image using acrobat inbuilt OCR functionality. Current functionality converts all images on selected pages in pdf document. I want text recognition runs limited to the selected image.Acrobat performs OCR on whol

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Sync... in LR5 not syncing settings to all selected images

I upgraded to LR5 as soon as it became available. My general workflow - when I start work on a new set of images (we are talking 150ish Canon 5d Mk3 .CR2 files), I start with setting white balance, syncing this to all images in the set, then adjust t

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I just discovered that when I view an image in a project, the large displayed image reverts to the last displayed image in the LIBRARY>Photos. This only happens to projects which I have imported from my Panasonic GF1 (after making the modifications t