Number field on crystal report displays Exponential form.


Number Type field on crystal report printed in Exponential form when digits in this field are more than 17.


Hi Jay,
The same issue is addressed in the K-Base article c2005336. This is the limitation in Crystal, If you have more than 15 digits of numberic field it will convert into Exponential
Use database-level syntax to convert the numeric database field to a string so that Crystal Reports will interpret it as a string type, and display all of the characters.
For example, in Oracle, cast the number using to_char() and in Microsoft SQL Server use CAST() or STR() prior to adding the field to the report.
As a workaround to display all the number, I would suggest you to convert it to text using a SQL Expression Field. A SQL Expression field will be evaluated on the database server.
I would suggest you to follow the below mentioned steps to create SQL Expression field and convert a database field to a string:
1. Open the report.
2. Right click the SQL Expression field which is present in the Field Explorer.
3. Select New and copy and past the below-mentioned text.
CAST ("Database Field" as varchar)
Note u201CDatabase Fieldu201D Here you have to mention your database field.
After you create the SQL Expression Field, insert it on the report and it will display the full number.
Please note that no calculation can be made on that field since it is now a string.
I hope this helps you.

November 30, -0001

Number field on crystal report displays Exponential form.

Number Type field on crystal report printed in Exponential form when digits in this field are more than 17.Hi Jay, The same issue is addressed in the K-Base article c2005336. This is the limitation in Crystal, If you have more than 15 digits of numbe

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