Not getting Reports Parameter Form in web-forms environ


I am not able to get a report parameter form to appear for a
report called from forms via a 'run_product' command. It works
fine in client/server mode. In web-forms the report just goes
ahead and runs without the needed parameters. I have tried
explicitly passing a parameter list with the 'paramform' set to
'yes' and this did nothing. I have this on a NT box with latest
Dev2 patches applied.
1. Is the reports parameter form supposed to work in web-forms
2. How do you set it up to work, if it is supposed to work?
Thanks for any replies.


I guess you have to use web.show_document - I found this article
on DevConnect:
Article-ID: <Note:68647.1>
Platform: GENERIC Generic issue
Subject: How to show Reports HTML PARAMFORM when
calling Reports
from Forms
Modified-Date: 09-AUG-1999 18:02:04
Document-Type: BULLETIN
Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN
Impact: MEDIUM
Component: SQLREP
This bulletin explains how to overcome the current restriction
of calling an Oracle Report from Oracle Forms and showing a
PARAMETER FORM. This is currently not possible when using the
RUN_PRODUCT built-in with
When you call an Oracle Report from Oracle Forms using
RUN_PRODUCT in Client-server, you can specify an optional
parameter called PARAMFORM to display the parameter form defined
in the Oracle Report.
For web-deployed applications, the PARAMFORM parameter can be
set to HTML to produce a HTML version of the parameter form.
When calling Oracle Reports from an Oracle Form using
RUN_PRODUCT and specifying PARAMFORM=HTML in the parameter list,
the Oracle Reports parameter form doesn't show the in the client
browser. If the Oracle Reports Cartridge/CGI is used and
PARAMFORM=HTML is specified, then the Oracle Reports parameter
form does appear in the client browser.
Oracle Forms does not use either the Cartridge or the CGI with
RUN_PRODUCT, and it's these thin clients that produce the HTML
Oracle Reports parameter form.
As a workaround to this problem, you can use either the
Cartridge or the CGI with the WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT Oracle Forms
builtin. This does require either the Oracle Reports Cartrige
or the CGI to be installed. Neither of these are necessary if
the parameter form isn't required.
The following items need to be installed:
1. Oracle Reports Multi-tier Server.
2. Oracle Reports Web Cartridge
Oracle Reports Web CGI.
Here is a typical URL that can be specified in a browser
to run a report using Oracle Reports Cartridge implementation:
destype=cache+desformat=html+userid=scott/[email protected]+paramform=ht
For CGI implementation:
userid=scott/[email protected]=html
The Oracle Reports parameter form now is shown. This can be
used with WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT issuing the request to execute the
report to the Oracle Reports Multi-Tier Server instead of using
The following code may be added to a program unit, which then
issues the request to run the report:
IF get_application_property(user_interface) = 'WEB' then
/* Use Cartridge configuration with WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT. */
userid=scott/[email protected]=html', '_self');
/* OR for CGI configuration. */
userid=scott/[email protected]=html', '_self');
/* use RUN_PRODUCT for client-server with PARAMFORM=Yes. */
Add_Parameter(plid, 'PARAMFORM', TEXT_PARAMETER, 'YES');
Developer/2000: Guidelines for Building Applications, Deploying
Applications on the Web (for detailed instructions on setting up
the Oracle Reports Cartridge and CGI)
Laura (guest) wrote:
: I am having the same problem with Dev 6 on NT. The parameter
: screen for reports works in client/server but not web using
: product. I am getting error REP-0788: Warning the value of
: restricted LOV parameter is not among the selectable values.
: Any reports without a parameter screen work fine with run-
: product.
: Any help would be appreciated.

November 30, -0001

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