Multiple instances of reentrant VI in a modular way


Is there a way to have a VI run multiple instances (in parallel) of the same reentrant subVI in a modular way, i.e. the VI needs to call n number of instances? Other than having n copies of the reentrant subVI hardwired in the calling VI (which is obviously not modular, or practical - imagine if I wanted to call 100 instances of the subVI), I am short of ideas.
All my attempts so far have failed, e.g. a single for loop (n iterations) containing the reentrant sub VI (with an indexed array passing information into the loop required for each instance of the sub-VI), however the loop will not move to the next iteration until the 1st instance of the sub-VI has completed execution (obviously, I suppose). Th
is is not the desired effect, as I want n instances of the sub-VI running in parallel. Other investigations into VI Servers have been unsuccessful as well.
Any help would be most appreciated.
Thanks, Paul


There was a discussion of this subject a few months back on info-labview. It involved the use of templates. If you do a search of the archives at and specify .vit as the search parameter, you'll find a message from Kyle Gupton. See if his solution is what you are looking for. Good luck.

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Multiple instances of reentrant VI in a modular way

Is there a way to have a VI run multiple instances (in parallel) of the same reentrant subVI in a modular way, i.e. the VI needs to call n number of instances? Other than having n copies of the reentrant subVI hardwired in the calling VI (which is ob

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