Multiorder Shipping csv import issue


Hope someone can help: Preparing to use this feature to do a big mailing soon: it allows me to import a  excel .tsv (NOT .csv, have tried) and allows mapping from it but then fails completely telling me there is no data in the file. Sometimes it fails saying: "The MultiOrder Shipping tool was unable to import the file you attempted to upload due to a missing column header in column 11. Please check your file and try again." Pulling my hair out, this should be easy. Any help appreciated...a template would be nice too!  


I already opened a support ticket. PayPal is investigating and will get back to me. No estimate on when they will have a resolution.  I was hoping that someone out there was experiencing the same issue, was able to fix it themselves, and share that information here.

November 30, -0001

Multiorder Shipping csv import issue

Hope someone can help: Preparing to use this feature to do a big mailing soon: it allows me to import a  excel .tsv (NOT .csv, have tried) and allows mapping from it but then fails completely telling me there is no data in the file. Sometimes it fail

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