Multiline table container element does not display the contents


Hi Guys,
I am sending an email from the workflow. The workflow has few steps and in one of the steps the the workflow brings in few lines of text. This text is then stored in a multiline container element in the workflow.
later in the workflow i am sending an email and this sendmail step is using the multiline containter. So in the body of the email i have used the container as shown below
Your expense for the trip &TRIPEXP.TRIPNUMBER& has been rejected.
The Reason for rejection(s) mentioned below:
Please change and submit again.
However when i recieve the email i dont see any text. But when i look at the workflow log and check the contents of this table under the workflow container elements it has the data in it.
Not sure where i am going wrong. I have checked the bindings and they are fine.


Thanks Arghadip,
Yes that was the missing link.
One question:
When i use sendmail step and use the variable drop down box i can see the workflow container elements. So why do i need the same container element in the sendmail setp? I just now created same element in the sendmail task. When i am able to access the workflow container elements in the send mail step then why there is a need to create a same container element in the send mail step and then do the binding for it to work?

October 11, 2015

Multiline table container element does not display the contents

Hi Guys, I am sending an email from the workflow. The workflow has few steps and in one of the steps the the workflow brings in few lines of text. This text is then stored in a multiline container element in the workflow. later in the workflow i am s

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