MPEG2 jerky


Hi all,
In the past I have made DVDs using mini DV footage. Obviously the finished product is a DVD where all the video on it is encoded in MPEG2 format. When played on my DVD player connected to the TV the video motion is lovely and smooth.
Therefore, when i view video clips recorded on the highest quality settings with a Panasonic SDR-SW20 camcorder (which also uses MPEG2 compression), why is the video motion not smooth?!! It looks as though it is 10 fps or something, and obviously it is full DVD quality PAL 25 fps?
The only thing I've found that produces similar decent results to the mini DV footage is a Sanyo Xacti camcorder set to 60 fps; the thing is, mini DV is just as smooth but only 25 fps??!!
I'm very confused! Does anyone know the reasons for this?


21 views and no one knows anything??!
If someone knows what I'm on about and has a solution, please let me know!

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MPEG2 jerky

Hi all, In the past I have made DVDs using mini DV footage. Obviously the finished product is a DVD where all the video on it is encoded in MPEG2 format. When played on my DVD player connected to the TV the video motion is lovely and smooth. Therefor

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