More Logic Express 7.2 questions


I've used Cubase for some years (and Cakewalk before that) so I consider myself pretty au fait with DAWs, but I have a few basic questions about Logic (I would RTFM from cover to cover if it was paper, but online is not an acceptable substitute in a program of this complexity):
If I record a take in an audio track, and I want to record over the top of it without hearing the previously recorded take. Actually, all I want to be able to do is record into the track. Do I have to set punch points? Can I manually drop in? I don't know how to record over an existing take.
Although the documentation mentions that the FW-1082 can set punch points and locate points, there's no way I can do this. In fact, how do I set locate points, in/out points, etc. either with or without the FW?
Is there any audio scrub function when editing a track? And on the subject of editing, are the edits destructive or non-destructive?
How do I return to my previous start position automatically when I'm not in Cycle mode?
I'm willing to forgive Logic a lot of things - the latency on this system is much better than it is with Cubase, but so many obvious (to me, anyway) things are buried, and the Environment is confusing to the point of driving me to drink.
Many thanks if anyone can answer some of these questions.
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Yes, I know about the manual... I've just bought the Martin Sitter Training Guide, though, and I find it incredibly useful - much more than the online PDF (I have enough printed-out manuals from other software lying around the place that I don't necessarily want to print out another 500+ pages). But your point is well-made. I actually write pro audio technical manuals for a living, and I know how difficult it is to get the user to read them.
Of course I searched in the on-line manual, by the way - but the problem is that I sometimes don't know what I'm searching for - Logic's terminology is confusing if you come from another DAW ("markers", "locators", "location points", "song positions" - you get what I mean?). Also the manual is not accurate in places (Audio Input objects, anyone?) and the section on punch-in didn't give any answer at all to my question. In any case, I still didn't find what I'm looking for (to quote U2) in the manuals, but in less than an hour's reading of the Sitter book, I found what I wanted. That must mean something...
Whatever, having found out some things from the book, I am basically a lot more confident about knowing the underpinnings of Logic (the manual is very little help in explaining these - and yes, I did read the first sections - they're mainly "how", not "why" or "what") and I feel I can move forward.
Thanks for your help on the location, anyway. Now if I can only debug the FW-1082's EQ command set to make it work properly...
PowerMac G5 2 x 2GHz   Mac OS X (10.4)   FW-1082 interface

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I've used Cubase for some years (and Cakewalk before that) so I consider myself pretty au fait with DAWs, but I have a few basic questions about Logic (I would RTFM from cover to cover if it was paper, but online is not an acceptable substitute in a

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