Moan about Reports ability to output to Excel


Hi there
This is more of a general moan on this topic, but am I the only person who thinks that Oracle Reports' ability to output to excel should be WAY better than it is at the moment?
I've just looked at the 9i demo, showing how to get report output into excel. It was horrific - grubbing round in raw html code and setting up an Excel template with dummy data doesn't make Reports the slick reporting tool that we'd all like.
Guys @ Oracle - have a look at Cognos Impromptu - I'm definitely no fan of Cognos, as I prefer to be able to define exactly what I want in SQL. However, one thing they have got right is the facility to save report output into formatted Excel - Oracle Reports should have this too!!
At the moment, if I'm asked to produce a report in Excel format, I have to either use PL/SQL to generate a CSV file with the results I want, or Oracle Reports to produce a similar CSV file. I then have to open the CSV file in Excel and format it, change column widths etc, so that it looks presentable. If it's a regular-running report, I have to manually intervene every time the report is produced. Producing a similar report in Cognos (for all its faults) would require no manual intervention once it's set up, and the whole process can be controlled with macro language and the Cognos Scheduler.
So please, improve this feature of Reports!
Andrew Woodward


Hello again
All I'd like to be able to do is to write an Oracle Report and have the figures from the report delivered in an Excel spreadsheet. (A number of report users here specify that they want their reports delivered in this way.)
Oracle Reports (I'm on version 6i) allows me to generate a .csv file which will open in Excel, but there's no formatting present. My point was simply that I have to manually intervene to produce a .xls which is formatted properly. In Cognos Impromptu, after the report has been run, you just select SaveAs->(input filename) and select 'Excel with Format' for SaveAs Type. The output is a pretty good approximation of how the output appears on the screen. You can run reports automatically using a scheduler, and with macro language, you can deliver the report in this format with no further intervention needed. If Cognos can do this, then so can Oracle!!
Incidentally, I've noticed that every post on this forum which mentions Excel receives a plug from Lion Van for his RepExcel product. I had a look at his website and it looks pretty good - perhaps Oracle should approach him with a generous offer?! I'm not sure however that these forums should be used for advertising in this way.
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October 11, 2015

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Hi there This is more of a general moan on this topic, but am I the only person who thinks that Oracle Reports' ability to output to excel should be WAY better than it is at the moment? I've just looked at the 9i demo, showing how to get report outpu

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