Mismatch in Qty between MB51 and MCE3 / MCE7 / Table S012


Hi Experts,
At my client place i am running MB51 report for a material / vendor / particular period / plant / goods receipt movement type 101,102,105,106,122 so that i can get the total receipt quantity in that given period.
After getting the total qty of receipt from MB51, i am runnung 2 LIS reports -- MCE3(vendor analysis Purchase) and MCE7(material analysis Purchase).While comparing the GR qty from MB51 and LIs, getting some huge differences.The LIs report qty is mathcing with table S012.
What could be the issue for differences in qty between MB51 and MCE3 / MCE7.How to analyse the issue and how to go about to overcome the differences.


did you see any update problem in your system or any unexpected system restart ? If you say yes, your LIS tables could give different results when we compare with the MB51.
The solution,
Before you get there, first thing to do you need to find which plant, which materials, when and what time it happened. If you could find those information it would help you to fix the problem easly.
For example between 01.01.2009-31.01.2009 and in the plant ZZZ there is a difference amount of quantity in mb51 and MCE3.
And than, using OLIF transaction you need to create a snapshot in a "&(1" version (this is a temporary data), for ZZZ plant between 01.01.2009-31.01.2009. It could take time to create dont worry when you run the program.
When you create the data from OLIF, now using mce3 or mce7 or both you could compare those reports with mb51. But one thing that you need to be careful about that is while using mce3 or 7 you need to choose version "&(1" which we created from OLIF.
If It's OK,
it's time to go to LIS copy management.( using spro -> Logistics - general -> LIS ->Logistics data warehouse -> Data basis -> Tools -> Copy management or transaction MCSZ)
Be careful about before copy process you need to delete 000 version(production version) for specific date time and plant !!! And now you could copy.
PS: Both delete and copy operations could be done by MCSZ.
If It's NOT OK,
you need to check your parameters while using OLIF. And last thing, Each time before you using OLIF you should delete that temporary version from MCSZ.
Best regards
Çağatay ÖZAK

November 30, -0001

Mismatch in Qty between MB51 and MCE3 / MCE7 / Table S012

Hi Experts, At my client place i am running MB51 report for a material / vendor / particular period / plant / goods receipt movement type 101,102,105,106,122 so that i can get the total receipt quantity in that given period. After getting the total q

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