LR3 import issues (vs LR2)


I have two issues with the "improved" import procedure of LR3.  Can anyone point out my oversights or give me workarounds?
1) I accumulate many days work on a memory card, downloading only the current day's shots at the end of the day.  In LR2 the import process gave me the dates represented on the card first, letting me uncheck all and check only "today" before downloading thumbnails for me to review.  In LR3 all thumbnails on the card are loaded before I can narrow down to the "today's" shots I want.  And then selecting for todays date is not a one check process.  On the average, this is a MUCH slower process for my workflow.
2) I shoot RAW+jpg without flash, jpg only with flash.  When the RAW file exists I don't want to spend time weeding out the jpg from the import process (by downloading thumbnails and unchecking boxes).  In LR2 there is a setting which tells the import process to ignore jpgs paired with RAW files and they disappear automatically.  I can't find this in LR2.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.


You are right that if the option to "Treat JPEG files next to RAW files as separate photos" is unchecked, the JPEGs will not be imported into a LR3 catalog as separate photos.  However, they arecopied to the hard drive as separate .jpg files and are treated as a sidecar files in the LR3 catalog.  One sign of this is the ".dng+JPEG" extension which shows in the catalog filename.  So with the box checked I must weed extra JPEGs out by unchecking their thumbnail in the Content area of the Import screen.  With the box unchecked I must delete the unwanted JPEG sidecar files after importing.  Either way is inconvenient compared with LR2 where I could edict that the JPEGs just be ignored altogether.
To anticipate someone's suggestion that I stop the extra jpgs from being recorded by my cameras, there are enough occasions when having a camera-processed jpg as an immediate and temporary product is useful that I don't want to do that.  Still once I've begun importing in LR, the jpegs are superfluous.

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LR3 import issues (vs LR2)

I have two issues with the "improved" import procedure of LR3.  Can anyone point out my oversights or give me workarounds? 1) I accumulate many days work on a memory card, downloading only the current day's shots at the end of the day.  In LR2 t

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