Lost Audio Playback during Frame by Frame Playback


Hey gang- on one of our systems we no longer hear audio when scrubbing frame by frame- anyone had this problem and know of any solutions? Thanks!


did you turn of Audio Scrubbing by accident ... Shift S

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Lost Audio Playback during Frame by Frame Playback

Hey gang- on one of our systems we no longer hear audio when scrubbing frame by frame- anyone had this problem and know of any solutions? Thanks!did you turn of Audio Scrubbing by accident ... Shift SRead other 2 answers

Playback in monitor drops frames

Hi, I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0. I am editing MPG files shot on my camcorder, I can import these successfully but the playback in the main monitor window drops more frames than it actually displays. The sound is fine, just the video causes

Playback Issues Repeated/Dropped Frame?

I have a hackintosh with Adobe CS6 Production Premium installed. On Premiere Pro when editing footage every so often I have a repeated frame/dropped frame. I don't think its really called a dropped frame because I have the drop frame indicator and it

Enabling AirPlay to multiple speakers causes audio channels on local computer to playback incorrectly

iTunes has an audio bug that has been a problem for the last couple releases and it's been driving me crazy lately.  The problem is streaming audio to any AirPlay devices from iTunes causes iTunes to for lack of a technical term "munge" the audi

Frame by Frame Audio - Interesting

One of my biggest problems with Final Cut Pro is what I call the "Tease", a feature that I start out with that disappears. Here's one that's getting my goat right now... I used to be able to hear the audio when I moved frame by frame with the ar

Shift audio by less than one frame?

Greetings! Newbie to FCP. I have Standard DV tapes of concerts, very long clips (from 20 minutes to more than one hour), and I want to replace the audio with wonderful 24/96 carefully recorded audio done in Logic Pro. I have been able to sync the aud

X230 Type 2306 Lost Audio

I have an X230 Type 2306-CTO (Windows 7 64) that has recently lost audio. No program has working audio, nor do working headphones produce sound. I have installed and ran Lenovo system update version 5.03.0005.   I have also installed and ran the "Tro

Cyberlink PowerDVD 8 lost audio.

Cyberlink PowerDVD 8 lost audio. Tried same DVD on media player OK. Happened whilst using HDMI cable but still no audio from HP Compaq with cable removed. Audio settings set at 2 speakers, sterio.Ok, it's all fixed. If anyone else has this issue; I r

Frame by frame?? [SOLVED]

Hi, Is there a way to watch a .MOV (or other) movie using XINE or MPLAYER (or anything else for that matter) so that you can go frame by frame?? I tried googling for a solution but had no luck. Thanks, JimIf not with a movie player then it should at

Losting audio on one clip when second one is added

I record from my camera into iMovie 08 and it works fine. When I import a second clip from the camera in the same project one of the clips will always be without audio when it's added. Everything else is fine but no audio. When I removed the clip wit

Is frame by frame seeking possible in OSMF?

I want to do frame stepping(frame by frame movement) in OSMF. How can I achieve it?I am not an animator (most of the time) but if I were I think I would probably end up using timeline tweening wherever it helped make things easier, especially for wha

Flash animation- frame by frame

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but I was wondering if anyone could help me as soon as...I'm trying to import images I drew then altered frame by frame in Photoshop into Flash so they run as a sort of flip book sequence. They've already been alter

Frame-By-Frame / DVD Player application is missing?

Hey everybody! So I finally made the witch and got myself a nice new macbook pro about a month ago! Everything is going well with so far, but I may have just run across a bit of a small problem. I'm an animator, and I like to be able to study animati

Ticking under keyboard then lost audio on Pavilion dv6-6047 cl entertainment PC notebook

Heard ticking under keyboard then lost audio on Pavilion dv6-6047 cl Entertainment PC Laptop.  How do i fix?What version of Windows are you running? -------------How do I give Kudos? | How do I mark a post as Solved? ---------------------------------

I lost audio on my imac

I lost audio thru imac speakers and mic, what should i check?Unplug and re-plug in the speaker connection. Check the cable, check to see that sound isn't muted. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update your Profile. This is needed to better troubleshoot problems,

Cant' move images from frame to frame inside a Grid in InDesign. Please Help

When creating a grid in indesign there is an option to move images from frame to frame, and having them rotate around the frames to see where each image is best to be placed. Example I created a grid with 6 images (2 rows and 3 columns) and now i wan

Possible to continuous advance video frame by frame?

In the prior program I was using I could do a frame by frame advance by holding down the arrow key (either forward or reverse). LR4 seems to want me to keep "pressing" the frame advance key for each frame (I am aware shift adavances by 10 but yo

Editing video clip frame by frame

How do you look at a video to edit frame by frame?You can do it by clicking on the Video icon on the timeline. See attached screenshot.Read other 4 answers

How to add frame by frame control in MDIApp.java?

Hi, In the SimplePlayerApplet.java sample code, I can play video frame by frame. I would like to modify MDIApp.java code to do the sample. Can anybody show me how to do it ? ThanksOne of my movies will go frame-by-frame with the left and right arrows

Rotobrush frame by frame

I use After Effects CC on Mac.  I'm using rotobrush, I use page up and page down for seeing and adjusting each frame.  But when video plays does appear some rotobrush paths that I did not made.   And it cannot be seen when I do my frame by frame chec