Local root folder question


hello dreamwevaers.
i just started to learn dw,and i all ready bumped into an obstacle.i made a folder giving it a name project site.
and in my files panel,i can see every folder that happens to be on my desktop!what have i done wrong here?
the tutorial im following,the tutor has only the site project viewable in the files panel.but i have as you can see
many folders.
thank you.


hi again
the sites name acualy is project folder.
and the folder is on my desktop.(with the name project folder)
a proper screen shot is here:

November 30, -0001

Local root folder question

hello dreamwevaers. i just started to learn dw,and i all ready bumped into an obstacle.i made a folder giving it a name project site. and in my files panel,i can see every folder that happens to be on my desktop!what have i done wrong here? the tutor

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