Leave screen?


How can I return back? If I press the button the program says nothing. And I cann't go back.
TABLES sscrfields.
  MOVE 'Here!!! TO btn1.
  IF sscrfields-ucomm = 'BNT1'.
    WRITE 10 'test'.


do like this
IF sscrfields-ucomm = 'BNT1'.
WRITE 10 'test'.
OR try like this
IF sscrfields-ucomm = 'BNT1'.
WRITE 10 'test'.

November 30, -0001

Leave screen?

How can I return back? If I press the button the program says nothing. And I cann't go back. Thanks! TABLES sscrfields. SELECTION-SCREEN PUSHBUTTON /10(20) btn1 USER-COMMAND bnt1. INITIALIZATION.   MOVE 'Here!!! TO btn1. AT SELECTION-SCREEN.   IF ssc

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Reg. call screen stmt.......Have ur points.

Hi all, I have 2 screens 1000 & 2000 in module pool. In PAI of 1000, i am using CAll screen 2000.  As we know in case of <b>call screen</b> we can come back to the previous screen. Now when i write leave screen in PAI of 2000. Control is n

Leave request projection EP 7.0 ECC 6.0

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Screen in display mode

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Destroy ALV which is using Screen as container

<b>What I did:</b> *In the PBO of screen <b>200</b> *Created a l_alv of type alv grid which is using screen as container     CREATE OBJECT l_alv EXPORTING i_parent = cl_gui_container=>screen0. *filling it with data *--Transfer d

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Diff between call screen and set screen

diff CALL SCREEN and SET SCREENWith SET SCREEN the current screen simply specifies the next screen in the chain , control branches to this next screen as sonn as th e current screen has been processed .Return from next screen to current screen is not

Creating a screen in report program and calling that screen in program.

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Leave list processing

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Leave to list processing

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Dear Friends, I am preparing a module pool, in which from one screen, i have to call a selection screen. I want to define this selection screen in the same program. Under which event block, i can define this selection screen? Once its called, how can

Dynamically value of the screen variable

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User defined selection screen

Hi, In my program i used a default seelction screen and 5 user defined selection screen. Based on the selections made in default selection screen, it should go to the corresponding user defined screen. and the problem iam getting if i press enter jey

Report with 5 ALV grids on 1 screen

I am trying to build a screen/report with 5 ALV grids which are interactive. One grid will display all sales order. When I click on a Sales order Hotspot, the items of the sales order would appear in the ALV grid box below. When i click on an sales o