JSTL c:import tag question


I have a question about how the <c:param> tag interacts with <c:import> tag.
<c:import> tag can be used to import from relative URL's like <c:import url="target.jsp" /> , from absolute urls like <c:import url="http://www.espn.com" /> or from another web application on the same server by specifying the context attribute like <c:import context="/myotherwebapp" url="some.jsp" />
we can use <c:param> tag as an optional child tag for <c:import> to send request parameter to the page it is loading. For absolute url sending request parameters makes sense beacuse the import will be treated as new request and original request object will not be passed . but for relative urls and including the page in different web application on same web server does the jsp container treat it as part of same original request and does the target page have access to the original request object ? if this is true then how can you set additional request parameters on the request object? because once the request object is craeted by jsp container you can only add/remove attributes on it but you can never add parameters on it.
Now if the jsp container always creates new request object for each of the above included pages then these pages will not have access to original request parameters entered by the user. Is that not a limitation.
I am a little bit confused . hopefully somebody can help me out.


the c:param tag are added to the url and are not set as request parameter.
<c:import url="target.jsp">
   <c:param var="test" value="val">
</c:import>then is will do an import like
<c:import url="target.jsp?test=val"/>

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JSTL c:import tag question

HI I have a question about how the <c:param> tag interacts with <c:import> tag. <c:import> tag can be used to import from relative URL's like <c:import url="target.jsp" /> , from absolute urls like <c:import url="

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