Java Database Interfacing


Hi all,
Im relatively new to java programming and have come from a PHP base of programming with mySQL, and was wondering what is the best way for me to get into database interfacing with java. Anybody know any good tutorials for me to try, also what is the best kind of database to use with java and why? Just doing a little research before i start to go all out learning one particular way. I would like to program java to interface with mySQL in the same way that PHP does, if anyone can enlighten me I would appreciate that..


Ok i have done that now, I got postgresql and it now
appears in the runtime databases section, how do i
create a database with it because it seems to want
the database URL in the following format:
jdbc:postgresql://<HOST>:<PORT>/<DB> . All i want to
know now is how to create a database to use That will be desribed in the docs provided by the vendor.
and how
what i would write in this field?Replace <HOST> with the name or IP address of the host where the DB is. Most likely localhost
<PORT> can probably be skipped, sinc you'll probably be using the default port.
<DB> is whatever you name the database you create.

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Java Database Interfacing

Hi all, Im relatively new to java programming and have come from a PHP base of programming with mySQL, and was wondering what is the best way for me to get into database interfacing with java. Anybody know any good tutorials for me to try, also what

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