Invoking jar through jar


hi all,
I have exported the "" file into a jar file called "frames.jar". I have also exported "" file into a jar file called "invokejars.jar".
On doubleclicking invokejars.jar file, its not invoking frames.jar file. But when i execute invokejars.jar file through command prompt it works fine. Please help me to solve this problem.
import java.awt.*;
import javax.swing.*;
public class frames extends JFrame
     public frames()
     public static void main(String[] args) {
          // TODO Auto-generated method stub
          frames fr=new frames();
public class invokejars
public static void main(String arg[])
Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime();
Process proc = rt.exec("cmd.exe /C java -jar frames.jar");
catch(Exception er)
               System.out.println("Exception is :"+er);
Thanks in advance


Is any part of the code firing? If not, double check your classpath. CLASSPATH should be set in the env file (default.env) and not the system environment. What you posted seems like it is missing some entries. Here is an example of the default CLASSPATH setting from an installation.
CLASSPATH=C:\Oracle\Middleware\as_1\forms\j2ee\frmsrv.jar;C:\Oracle\Middleware\as_1\jlib\ldapjclnt11.jar;C:\Oracle\Middleware\as_1\jlib\debugger.jar;C:\Oracle\Middleware\as_1\jlib\ewt3.jar;C:\Oracle\Middleware\as_1\jlib\share.jar;C:\Oracle\Middleware\as_1\jlib\utj.jar;C:\Oracle\Middleware\as_1\jlib\zrclient.jar;C:\Oracle\Middleware\as_1\reports\jlib\rwrun.jar;C:\Oracle\Middleware\as_1\forms\java\frmwebutil.jar;C:\Oracle\Middleware\as_1/jlib/start_dejvm.jar;C:\Oracle\Middleware\as_1\opmn\lib\optic.jarDepending on your environment, it may be necessary to also add the importer to the classpath: C:\Oracle\Middleware\as_1\jlib\importer.jar
Given all that, why are you using a remote web service for a calculator rather than something like a java bean which will run locally? There is an example in the Forms demo set and likely many others on the web.
There is a calculator bean on a web site we often recommend, but be aware they appear to be having some site problems, so it may not be accessible.

October 11, 2015

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hi all, I have exported the "" file into a jar file called "frames.jar". I have also exported "" file into a jar file called "invokejars.jar". On doubleclicking invokejars.jar file, its not

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