Invalid column name in query string - using Format function


In my post just before this one the problem was solved for writing a query string using a date range. The rest of the query string includes the same date field (Call_Date) but formatted as 'MMM-YY'. I get an invalid column name error when I add this field to the query string. Here is the rest of the query string:
strSql = "SELECT Format(CALL_DATE,'mmm-yy'), " _
"(CALL_DATE >= to_date( '1/1/2002', 'MM/DD/YYYY' )" _
& "AND CALL_DATE <= to_date( '2/28/2003', 'MM/DD/YYYY' ))"
In the Access Query tool I can include this field
and the query runs fine (I just need to make it dynamic using ADO). But in my ADO query string above, I get the invalid column name error. Is there a way I can include
in my ADO query string? I appologize for not being more familiar with Oracle Sql. Any help greatly appreciated.
Thanks again,


Thank you very much for your reply. I think I'm getting closer to the solution. Just I got an error message
"date format not recognized"
when I add "to_char( call_date, 'mmm-yy' )" to the query string. I tried using all uppercase, but that did not make a difference. Do I need to use to_date inside the to_char maybe?
to_char(to_date(call_date, 'mmm/yy'), 'mmm-yy')
Thanks again for your help.

October 11, 2015

Invalid column name in query string - using Format function

In my post just before this one the problem was solved for writing a query string using a date range. The rest of the query string includes the same date field (Call_Date) but formatted as 'MMM-YY'. I get an invalid column name error when I add this

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